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Camellia Foods was founded in 1935 by Mr. Edmund Cichocki Sr., a Polish Immigrant who was a butcher for the Slawinski Meat Stand in the Broadway Market. In 1935 he began his own butcher shop at 725 William Street making his traditional family polish sausage and ham recipes with his wife, Gertrude. Edmund Sr. moved his business to 1333 Genesee St. to expand into a manufacturing plant and named his business after his daughter, Camille. His son, Edmund Jr., grew up in Buffalo and went to St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute. He joined his father in the meat business after High School and took over in 1974. Edmund Jr. and his wife Kathleen had six children, three of which, entered Camellia with their Father in the 80's. Peter, Patrick and Erik now continue to run Camellia Foods after Edmund passed away 2007. The third generation Cichocki family continues to carry on the tradition of delivering quality sausages and hams to the Buffalo area.
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Camellia Hams and sausages are traditional family recipes taken directly from Poland. The Camellia Ham is the only Polish-traditional ham manufactured in Buffalo. It is made using the same unique process since 1935, in-which our hams are cured, slowly smoked, and cooked to our guarded procedure with no water added. Along with our ham, Cichocki's Award-Winning Polish sausage is made using the traditional family recipe. It is made both fresh and holiday smoked, winning Best in Buffalo three years in a row by the Broadway Market Management group. Camellia’s icon product is the Smoked Beef Sausage which was invented by Edmund Jr. and has become the most popular item we sell. Over the many years we have expanded our Camellia products to include:
edmund sr cichocki camellia
Edmund Cichocki Sr.
1st Generation
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edmund jr cichocki camellia
Edmund Cichocki Jr.
2nd Generation
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  • Buffalo Chicken Wing Sausage
  • Buffalo Chicken Italian Sausage
  • Buffalo Chicken Wing Patties
  • Hot and Mild Italian Sausages
  • Hot and Mild Italian Patties
  • Fresh Breakfast Sausage
  • Deli Smoked Ham off-the-bone
  • Deli Smoked Turkey Breast.
  • Fresh Polish Sausage
  • Smoked Polish Sausage
  • Kabonosy (Polish pepper sticks)
  • Smoked Bone-In Hams
  • Beef Sausage Hot
  • Beef Sausage Mild
  • Smoked Turkey Parts
  • Smoked Callies
  • Hot Dogs
  • Cheddarpino Hot Dogs
  • Canadian Bacon
  • Peameal Bacon
  • Liver Sausage
  • Souse-Head Cheese
Peter Cichocki
3rd Generation
Patrick Cichocki
3rd Generation
Adam Cichocki
4th Generation
The Am-Pol Eagle Citizen of the Year Award is given out by the weekly Polish American newspaper the Am-Pol Eagle. The award is given to individuals and organizations in the Polish American community "in recognition of outstanding service and unselfish contributions on the behalf of the Polish-American cause" in various fields. There are 25 different categories but each category may not have a winner every year. The award is considered to be one of the highest honors given within the Polish-American community. In 1996, the award was presented to the Cichocki Family in the field of Business.
Camellia brand products, including our Fresh and Naturally Hardwood Smoked Polish sausage, consist of century-old family recipes from Poland. Through the many years the recipe hasn't changed, but the growing amount of satisfied customers has. With its unique taste and traditional flavor, Our Fresh and Smoked Polish Sausage won "Best Taste" in Buffalo three years in a row. You can find our award winning sausage at our store in The Broadway Market during the Christmas and Easter seasons, and is also available all year round.
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Patrick cichocki camellia
Peter cichocki camellia