Camellia Foods

Home of Buffalo's Famous Smoked Sausage and Hams

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  • Buffalo Chicken Wing Sausage
  • Buffalo Chicken Italian Sausage
  • Buffalo Chicken Wing Patties
  • Hot and Mild Italian Sausages
  • Hot and Mild Italian Patties
  • Fresh Breakfast Sausage
  • Deli Smoked Ham off-the-bone
  • Deli Smoked Turkey Breast.
  • Fresh Polish Sausage
  • Smoked Polish Sausage
  • Kabonosy (Polish pepper sticks)
  • Smoked Bone-In Hams
  • Beef Sausage Hot
  • Beef Sausage Mild
  • Smoked Turkey Parts
  • Smoked Callies
  • Hot Dogs
  • Cheddarpino Hot Dogs
  • Canadian Bacon
  • Peameal Bacon
  • Liver Sausage
  • Souse-Head Cheese
Camellia Foods has been manufacturing and distributing meat products in Buffalo for over 75 years in our USDA inspected facility. Our smoked meats are Naturally Hardwood Smoked with no chemicals added. We are the only Polish company in Buffalo manufacturing a Naturally Hardwood Smoked Ham.
At our Cash and Carry stores you can find all of our Camellia Brand products as well as fresh pork, beef, and chicken; a full deli and several frozen products. We have over 25 custom meat packages to help save customers money.